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How do I book a glamping event?

Fill out our online form with your desired event date, and we will reach out to discuss more details! 

How much space is needed to set up the outdoor glamping tent?

Our outdoor glamping tents are 16 ft in diameter. We need at least a 24 ft area for support ropes and staking. A clear flat area is essential for us to set up the bell tent safely.

How much space is needed to set up the INDOOR LUXURY PICNICS?

Date Night: Approx. 7 x 9ft.
Date Night with Tent: Approx. 7 x 12ft. Ceilings must be 8ft or higher to accommodate the height of the tent. 
Luxury Picnic Setup: Size requirements depend on number of guests

When is your outdoor season?

Our outdoor season runs May through October and is subject to change based on temperature and weather conditions.

How much space is needed to set up the indoor tiny tents?

Each tiny tent is approximately 7.5' L x 3'W x 4' H . Your space must be cleared and large enough prior to setup to ensure we have enough space for each tiny tent.

What areas do you service?

Each package includes delivery, setup, and take down within a 25-mile radius of Albany, NY. Travel fees will be charged if you are outside of this range. 

What is included in a glamping event package?

Since every setup is customized, it depends! The pictures included on our website are for show purposes only. Actual setups may vary.


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